Current Events

Radiation Watching, fallout from the Cold War

After surfing for information on the current nuclear crisis and radiation scare, I decided to archiv…

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NASA worker reveals moon cover up

At this point, I wouldn’t call Ken Johnston a ‘whistle blower’. After all, he is m…

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Lucid Living

The benefits of drinking plenty of water

Proper hydration is paramount to good health, and one would do well to establish some daily habits t…

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LA Chemtrails thumbnail
Contrails or Chemtrails over Los Angeles?

     While driving home from work on 10/6/16, and enjoying one of our beautiful LA sunsets, I wa…

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Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle

12/10/12 A spicy lunch coupled with a long day’s work had me tired and looking for a light and…

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