28.02.11-The Ridge on Which I Walk

I have finally gotten back to the early morning Practice schedule and was able to do my yoga and meditation this morning before breakfast.

Its amazing how the further I go down this path of clarity, the more stunning the contrasts appear…

On the one side, it seems to have become so pragmatic and straight forward. There is no “secret” to the spiritually enlightened life. I just have to “do the thing”. I have to make sure to be diligent about my practice and meditate as regularly as I can- that’s it. Any further intellectualization and reflection will simply be my conscious mind trying to gain some measure of control and coherence to this experience by trying to explain it. Life is ordinary and the truth is to be found in this ordinariness.

On the other hand, there is the mystery- the awe. The completely inexplicable and inconceivable depth that is present and available in every moment. It is magic, it is love, it is the eternal… It is too much to be perceived in anything close to its entirety by the conscious mind and thus, like looking at the sun with naked eyes, must be experienced in brief glimpses of unbearable wonder.

These are the two views which drop down and spread out into an infinite expanse on either side of the ridge on which I walk.



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