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I’ve wanted to write reviews on restaurants and food for a LONG time. Back in 2004, I eventually setup an account on Chowhound and started posting frantically for a few days, that is until my first negative review was moderated and blocked. I was courteous and objective, and it seems the Chowhound moderator Nazis were either playing politics, getting food baskets sent by said restaurant, or a mistake was made. The result was that I haven’t set foot on Chowhound since, and never looked back. Fuck them. They can keep their censored content to themselves, and I’ll write my shitty reviews on my own site…

Frankly, I have read enough user reviews on restaurants only to find out that their tastes are completely irrelevant or that they are just plain ignorant of what is really important. We have all eaten since the first day we were born, but that, apparently, doesn’t qualify everyone to review a restaurant. What DOES qualify me you say? Well for one, being French (yes that’s right, I’m conceited because I’m French), having grown in the restaurant business, and being groomed into a lineage of fine cuisine kind of give me the credentials needed to tell you whether you should take your time and money to an establishment.

If our reviews are too sassy for you, and you enjoy being mislead from time to time, there’s always Yelp.  Otherwise, trust that I have a discerning eye for quality at a fair price, service, and such things that will make you a happy customer.  To be fair, keep in mind that preparing and serving a meal is a performance and that chefs and staff have their off days, too. So if I’ve been to a place only once and poopooed it here, you might still have an experience you enjoy. But I doubt it.

In time, you will find reviews from equally qualified contributors from all over the world. Bon Appetit.


There’s always room for more recipes. We’ll be posting some originals from time to time. For drinks, and dishes!!!

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