Contrails or Chemtrails over Los Angeles?

LA Chemtrails thumbnail

     While driving home from work on 10/6/16, and enjoying one of our beautiful LA sunsets, I was amazed by the way the contrails (or chemtrails?) lingered and spread long fingers across the sky. It was that time of day, when the waning light rakes across the sky, and any refractive or reflective particles in […]

Who is behind the Federal Reserve, Part 3

  Senator Bernie Sanders recently fired a shot across the bow of the Federal Reserve, in a letter published on Huffington Post. His points brought a glimmer of hope in my heart, and they clearly identify the good Senator as a true public servant. Vermont can be proud to have him. I’ve been writing about […]

How to leave your bank, and protect your money

So you are fortunate enough to still have a paying job and a semblance of a nest egg. You do whatever you’ve been told is necessary to secure your financial future, for you and your loved ones. You save money in your bank account for recurring expenses, you have a rainy day stash, a retirement […]

Catherine Austin Fitts explains Wall Street Parasitism

Why should you love this woman? She is so brilliant, her intelligence alone should inspire you to be a better person. Also, she has had access to the highest echelons of power and yet seems uncorrupted. As if integrity wasn’t hard enough to find these days, Mrs Fitts can explain just about anything economic or […]

Unraveling the Federal Reserve: Update

Just a few days ago, the Federal Reserve was obligated to release detailed transactions of the bank bailouts conducted over the last year. It was done without fanfare or coverage from the mainstream media, probably because most people fall asleep at the prospect of poring over an excel spreadsheet, and there’s plenty of fear porn […]

It’s Easy to find out who is behind the Federal Reserve

Just follow the money. Follow the 1 something TRILLION Dollars that the Federal Reserve is about to issue in a second round of ‘quantitative easing’, a euphemism for sugar on the monetary shit sandwich that we’re eating right now. When I say follow the money, I mean, take a look at the big banks’ current […]

Karmic bed bugs invade Manhattan

  By Raphael 10/27/10 I am making this quick post to bring your attention to something fascinating happening in Manhattan. Telegraph calls it ‘biblical’, in reference to the plagues of end times, and how… Bed bugs are invading New York. They have always been there for sure, but apparently they are thriving right about now, […]

Public Opinion surrounding Middle East affairs tightly controlled by our media overlords

Octavia Nasr, senior mideast editor for CNN, was recently summarily fired for writing positive words about one of Hezbollah’s leaders, the recently passed Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah. Mrs Nasr Twittered her respectful sentiments after the Sheik’s passing, and this caused her to be fired after 20 years of tenure at CNN. Hezbollah has been portrayed […]

On with the finger pointing…

In a previous post, I described the finger pointing taking place within the US press regarding the health of the economy. Recently President Obama and B. Bernanke said that the US was doing fine, but the rest of world might drag the country down in its recovery efforts. Now it is the UK press’ turn […]

Yay, the economy is ‘strengthening’…

” Well we would have bailed the US out of this mess if our friends across the pond were willing to work with us… It’s THEIR fault if our plan failed.”