Contrails or Chemtrails over Los Angeles?

     While driving home from work on 10/6/16, and enjoying one of our beautiful LA sunsets, I was amazed by the way the contrails (or chemtrails?) lingered and spread long fingers across the sky. It was that time of day, when the waning light rakes across the sky, and any refractive or reflective particles in the air would be brightly lit. This is how clouds take on that bright warm glow at sunset.

The way these trails lingered seemed highly incongruous, especially when compared to those left behind by two jets, which I was observing overhead.

There’s no natural explanation for such stunning discrepancy. On one hand, the sky is traversed by these long trails that spread for miles into the distant horizon. I pushed the contrast on the first closeup to help show the really weird and consistent hatching pattern in the long trail. This was easily visible with the naked eye, but my phone camera doesn’t do it justice.

Chemtrails spanning across the LA sky 10/6/16

Look at these trails – Click to enlarge

How could these trails linger for this long, allowing them to spread like a coating over our heads, when I was witnessing jets leaving trails that vanished quickly behind? I cannot think of any atmospheric conditions which would foster the formation of such huge trails. To boot, these conditions demonstrate another completely different result with the planes flying overhead.

Closeup of structure of chemtrails obsrved 10/6/16

Closeup of one trail – click to enlarge.

The tiny trails from the planes will help give you a sense of scale of the contrails, if you take into account that they were all emitted at the same cruising altitude; the only altitude at which big jets are allowed to fly over LA. I quickly refuted the notion that these were clouds, not trails. While I wasn’t there at the time of the emission of these trails, it was obvious they weren’t clouds.

photo of jet leaving contrail overhead

Actual jet flying overhead – click to enlarge

Another jet photo, lower in the horizon

Another jet lower in the horizon – click to enlarge

Only one thing comes to my mind. These huge trails are not just regular jet exhaust/water vapor, like the kind I used to see as a kid. This is another substance that allows it to not vaporize. It has higher cohesion than a regular contrail, allowing it to be spread by the prevailing wind like a coat. And it is much more reflective to be able to be lit up so brightly over such a large spread.

I would love for someone to come forward and provide a sound scientific basis that negates the only obvious conclusion I can draw from these observations. These are the chemtrails that ‘conspiracists’ talk about. What are they doing up there?

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