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Cheap and Natural Indoor Fly Control

safe fly control

  Do you ever get annoying fly incursions into your home? I just discovered a cheap, non-toxic, non polluting, easily biodegradable and discrete way to get rid of flies indoor. I call it my Cheap and Natural Indoor Fly Control. Totally going to trademark it. Here’s what you have to do to benefit from my […]

Lethal Glam giving fresh beauty tutorials

My friend Alexandra has a sweet site on cosmetics, beauty tutorials, and health tips that I wanted to plug for my readers. I like her writing style and she has a growing body of informative posts. I know I usually write about finance, ET conspiracies or spirituality, but this site is really about bringing quality […]

Follow Life, Editorialized via Blog Lovin’

As of today, Blog Lovin’ users can follow The site was added to their registry. Yay! Follow this site with Bloglovin Raphael

Putin VS US presidents

  It’s better if I admit at the onset of this article that I have Putin fever. That way I can say I’m not a strange case, and that it is a real condition. I contracted it soon after getting to know more of ‘the Vlad’. How could a reasonable, mature grown man find himself […]