NASA worker reveals moon cover up

At this point, I wouldn’t call Ken Johnston a ‘whistle blower’. After all, he is merely confirming something which previous whistle blower Donna Hare¬† exposed, namely that NASA has been doctoring moon and Mars photography to hide from the public the presence of artificial structures and objects.¬† Her story has been in the wild for […]

Wayseer Manifesto

I claim no credit for this, however I’m linking to it because it’s pure inspiring awesomeness… Dig it!

Yet another astronaut disclosing ET presence.

This time it is a dapper, Yul Brynner-esque astronaut coming out. Dr Story Musgrave recounts sightings during his shuttle mission orbiting earth. http://www.opednews.com/articles/Confirmed-Top-NASA-astron-by-Terrence-Aym-101028-932.html Personally, I give astronauts, military men and air traffic controllers a lot of credence when they share these stories of UFO sightings, ET interactions, etc… These are men that are picked for […]

A great read on Rudolf Steiner’s prophetic writings

Here’s a link I found and wanted to share, as it is yet another proof that the blogosphere is not just the Samizdat of our day, but THE place to find quality writing of the highest caliber. This time it comes from Richard Cook, an accomplished academic who runs his own blog… From the article […]

A fascinating article on the antidepressant industry

What a piece of informative journalism… Written by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall. The piece points the reader to many shortcomings in medical psychotherapy today, such as the absence of research on the effects of inadequacies in social needs on our psyche, on the importance of proper nutrition, and other life conditions. Also the descriptions of […]

A Blueprint for First Contact?

If you are completely unfamiliar with New Age concepts and culture, you will have a hard time with the following information, on many levels. It is a fascinating channeled statement coming from the Galactic Federation. The what, you may ask? Well, apparently the Federation is the body of benevolent space brothers and sisters that watch […]