A great read on Rudolf Steiner’s prophetic writings

Here’s a link I found and wanted to share, as it is yet another proof that the blogosphere is not just the Samizdat of our day, but THE place to find quality writing of the highest caliber.

This time it comes from Richard Cook, an accomplished academic who runs his own blog… From the article in subject, I learnt of Rudolf Steiner and his visionary trilateral model for human society, which Mr Cook extends into our modern day.  It is my understanding that the key point is that human spirituality should be at the helm of material and economic development; which is another way to say that ‘free’ marketeering falls prey to human vice and thus must be reined in. Either that or human vice must be reined in… At any rate, enjoy this very well written posting on Richard Cook’s blog, meanwhile I will look into this Rudolf Steiner guy, in the hopes of finding more material in support of my upcoming writing on the case for Conscious finance….


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