A fascinating article on the antidepressant industry

"Take as few of these a day as possible"

What a piece of informative journalism… Written by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall. The piece points the reader to many shortcomings in medical psychotherapy today, such as the absence of research on the effects of inadequacies in social needs on our psyche, on the importance of proper nutrition, and other life conditions. Also the descriptions of animal testing really bring to question whether they can provide realistic models for studying human depression. Not to mention how morbidly cruel they are.

The question raised, though in a subdued way, is whether pharmaceutical corporations engage in those kinds of test precisely because they will provide the results they seek in support of marketing their drugs, or because they really just don’t know any better. The former is a more sinister hypothesis, however I believe that’s where the reality stands.

Check it out here.


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