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The benefits of drinking plenty of water

Proper hydration is paramount to good health, and one would do well to establish some daily habits to drink enough water. Dehydration isn’t the only consequence of having too little water to drink. A lot of research has been done on this subject, and below are some bits you might find interesting. – A recent […]

Ring the Bell

Take action now, there is no future. What is done is what must be done. Be still, be silent… now Ring the bell! Goodnight, Kikta

28.02.11-The Ridge on Which I Walk

I have finally gotten back to the early morning Practice schedule and was able to do my yoga and meditation this morning before breakfast. Its amazing how the further I go down this path of clarity, the more stunning the contrasts appear… On the one side, it seems to have become so pragmatic and straight […]

24.02.11-Mind Trap

My daughter’s sleep schedule has shifted slightly, over the past few weeks. She is now going to bed a bit later and waking up earlier. Because of this, my wife and I have been having trouble getting up in the mornings in time to do our Practice, so I have been having to catch up […]

22.01.11-Important Ideas

21.02.11-Empty Technique

Although I have not been as faithful to my journal entries over the past few weeks as I would like to be, I have been maintaining a good consistent Practice. I am in the process of re-reading Katsuki Sekida’s “Zen Training” for the second time. I have been refreshing myself on the techniques of meditation […]

15.02.11-Oh Bury Me Not

I heard this song today and it felt like it was my spirit singing through another mans voice… Lord, I’ve never lived where churches grow. I loved creation better as it stood, That day you finished it so long ago, And looked upon your work and called it good. I know that others find you […]

13.02.11-Precarious Perch

I have not been able to meditate for 2 days because my wife and I have been in the process of rearranging our apartment in order to allow for our daughter to have her own room. In one weekend we had to paint a room, buy, sell, pick-up, rearrange, and construct furniture, and at the […]

10.02.11-One Truth

I did my yoga and completed a short meditation this morning and was then able to fit in another longer meditation in the early afternoon. Last night, I had a realization about the role of mindfulness and presence in effecting change in my life. It seems that one of the most fundamental characteristic that all […]

08.02.11-That is Enough

More and more I am becoming aware that the spiritual path is one that I can not demand anything from. There is no result, no change, no enrichment, that I can expect. I know that these things come, but having an intention will always taint the purity of my Practice. Right Practice is without ambition […]

07.02.11-The Marrow of my Life

The Practice continues. My wife and I have for some time now been moving toward a vegetarian life style. She has actually not eaten meat for several months now. I eat meat or chicken on rare occasion and both of us eat fish at least once a week. I don’t know whether it is the […]

05.02.11-Gently Smiling

I stayed up way too late talking with my wife last night, woke up early with our daughter, and worked all day to prepare our apartment for the creation of our daughters new bedroom. I have not yet meditated today and judging from how tired I already feel, will probably not meditate until tomorrow morning. […]


Meditation was pure this morning. I don’t always allow myself to actually realize what a paradise my life in this world is. When I think of how much love I have in my life- that is true wealth. I don’t often write about my daughter. I think that’s because when I realize what is at […]

02.02.11-Without any Reflection

This morning’s meditation was extraordinary. I sat down and for quite some time expended a great deal of effort struggling to quiet my mind. I was diligently applying the techniques for meditation that I have so often practiced, and I was having some measure of success, but my mind was not yet quiet. After what […]

01.02.11-Present and Ready

I took my sleeping bag and spent last night on top of one of the local mountains. I enjoy the stillness and quiet of a cold night in nature. As always when sleeping out, I woke up early and got home in time for a deep meditation before starting my day. I think if there […]


Yesterday I finally began exercising again after taking quite a long break to allow my body to heal from my recent illnesses. The exercise is good for both my body and my mind, but after the long break, I definitely feel quite fatigued and a bit sore. Im really looking forward to getting back into […]

26.01.11-True Emptiness

I woke up this morning early enough to have time for a deep meditation. The clarity and emotional stability that I lost over the holidays has returned. This is a much better way to live. I began reading a book again yesterday that was pivotal for me in my spiritual development when I first read […]

25.01.11-The default point of reference

I somehow managed to inadvertently turn the sound on my alarm clock off so I overslept and did not complete my Practice this morning. Luckily I was able to make it up in the afternoon before dinner. I think true freedom lies more than anything in the ability to choose what I focus my attention […]

24.01.11-Learning to chose peace

I was finally healthy enough to wake up early and complete a full yoga session followed by meditation. I enjoyed the day all the more for it. It has become clear to me recently that the people that I spend time with have an incredible influence on the state of my mind and emotions. Being […]

23.01.11-A Blessing

My wife and I were able to meditate together in the afternoon during our daughter’s nap. I have been having difficulty finding the motivation to make my entries recently. Its not that I don’t want to write, it actually is not a matter of preference. When I feel that I have have something interesting of […]


I was able to get up in time to have a good meditation yesterday morning and Im very glad I did. It really helped me to feel happy and centered throught most of the day. I have not yet meditated today, but plan to do so this evening. I realized yesterday that I would like […]

20.01.11-The Giving Tree

Once again, I was not able to meditate this morning due to a very early work appointment, but like last night, I will be getting in a session before bed tonight. Once there was a tree….. and she loved a little boy.  And every day the boy would come and he would gather her leaves […]

19.01.11-Unnecessary Suffering

I had to wake up extremely early this morning in order to make it to the Doctor’s office to pick up prescriptions for antibiotics for me and my wife. Because of this I was not able to meditate, but I will be doing a session as soon as I finish this entry and before bed. […]

18.01.11-Its Crazy

I am writing this entry tonight just to make sure that I don’t lose the thread of my entries entirely. I have neglected my entries recently and it is weighing on me, but I have had very little choice in the matter. The last week has been incredibly tough. After dealing with a lingering respiratory […]