Current Events

Radiation Watching, fallout from the Cold War

After surfing for information on the current nuclear crisis and radiation scare, I decided to archive some useful  information below. The first link is a posting straight from the NRC, dating pre-Fukushima. While it won’t provide guidelines on what to do (don’t expect the NRC to tell you nuclear power is dangerous and you must […]

Fukushima, Japan

My heart goes out to the Japanese who are bravely enduring a crisis of end times magnitude. I pray that this tragedy unravels with as few consequences and as little suffering and hardship as possible. I know that this has already reached Chernobyl proportions, even though there is a big media effort to obfuscate this. […]

Silver Intrigues Part Deux

Well well, It has been a while since my last posting. My time was consumed by the obligations of daily existence. I return to this blog to bring you more interesting information on silver trading. Yes, ladies and gentlemen… Silver. Since my last post on the subject, I have found a couple individuals who run […]

Silver lines the looming economic clouds

It has become apparent, through my ongoing upkeep with economic news online, that silver is garnering growing interest. Youtube vlogs, viral videos, market reports, and the general press are all painting a picture that pits silver and JP Morgan as central characters in a possible market upset going down in the NEAR future… Here’s what […]

Momentous UN geoengeneering decision flies below news radar

By Raphael  10/30/10 Well I found this news piece on Rense, which usually aggregates fear mongering news. However this one was a ray of sunshine piercing through an otherwise gloomy sky of news. The UN has voted on a moratorium on geoengeneering until more conclusive studies can be made. Since the effects of such a […]

More grassroots coverage of the BP spill

There has been extensive grassroots coverage of the oil spill. Actually now I must specify which oil spill I am referring to, since there are several across the country, simultaneously. It’s like fire season in California, but with oil spills. I suppose Americans are not finding the oil to their taste when it lands in […]

Leaked war logs evidence that Afghanistan is the new Viet Nam

The blogosphere, and even mainstream media are having a field day with the release on Wikileaks of thousands of reports and logs of military operations in Afghanistan. Apparently some journalists got a first look at the leaked info before it was published, so they could get the scoop, according to this report on Democracy Now. […]

More Guerrilla Coverage of oil spill

Burnt whale cadaver, on Rense Sand poured at night on Pensacola Beach, on Youtube Here’s the best footage I’ve seen on the spread of the oil slick off coast.And what is being done by BP.  Thanks to the individuals who took and posted this on Youtube! I must admit I shamelessly linked all these sources […]

Reporters and onlookers being arrested in the Gulf of Mexico

I keep on finding candid reporting from civilians who are taking the sharing of information into their own hands. When they realize that mainstream news sources are entirely controlled and consistently distort or cover up the truth from the population, these enterprising people turn to the internet and mobile telephony to spread the word on […]

An interesting paper on Peak Oil Conspiracy

In spite of its antagonizing title, this article provides good insight on the manufacturing of conditions of scarcity, otherwise known as Peak Oil.

Thank you, BP.

Be thankful for BP and the likes. This latest calamity brought upon us courtesy of BP, Halliburton, Transocean, and whatever cabal is behind this, will do great service to humanity…