Silver Intrigues Part Deux

Well well,

It has been a while since my last posting. My time was consumed by the obligations of daily existence. I return to this blog to bring you more interesting information on silver trading. Yes, ladies and gentlemen… Silver. Since my last post on the subject, I have found a couple individuals who run a blog on financial market manipulation, and, more specifically, silver and gold markets.

In this article, the author describes the technological mechanisms that enable institutions to make ‘timing privileged’ transactions. There is mention of our number one market manipulation suspect… JP Morgan.

Then, you can head on to this blog, to find the author’s interpretation of current silver market events. He thinks that silver is poised for a big boom and explains how in fairly layman’s terms.You should also read the latest posts on this blog. The author has detailed information on market transactions and I would not be surprised if he worked in the field.

In fact, both blogs seem to be written by ‘knowledgeable’ types. I hope you find them useful.


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