Configuring Traktor 2.11 with Denon DNMC-6000

If you are using Traktor with the Denon DN-MC6000, you may have encountered some difficulties updating to the latest version of Traktor. This controller has been out for some time now, and out of the limelight because the newer MK2 has been out for some time. It took me a while to smooth out my […]

Bitcoin’s evolution explained

12/20/15   Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, posted a good write-up on Coindesk that breaks down in plain English the scaling conundrum Bitcoin is currently in. If you find yourself wondering about cryptocurrency’s viability, read his great summary of where things stand and you’ll be enlightened. While it may come as no surprise that the founder […]

Why Bitcoin won’t replace centralized currencies

    6/2/13        Bitcoin recently has gotten a lot of press, and, being a geek who is interested in money, I have spent quite some time exploring the usage of this currency. In the time that it took for me to familiarize myself with it, set up a trading account and a wallet, and get […]

Noctua quality is worth the price…

So I’m totally outing myself as a complete nerd by writing an article about CPU heatsinks. Now you know… Building computers excites me. I’m a fucking nerd. Well, I’m really writing this post in gratitude for an awesome company that deserves praise. Noctua. I’ve written before about printer ink cartridges. I guess I can do it […]

How to buy affordable printer ink

Six years ago I bought a Canon Pixma Ip8500, an inkjet printer with fantastic color capabilities, according to all the reviews and feedback online. Indeed, the color printing is gorgeous. Canon has this 8 color printer ink system, where red and green ink are added to the traditional CMYK set of inks that most printer […]

How AMD will lose the GPU war.

Applications are coming out in the graphics and media arenas, and these apps are taking advantage of GPU processing in ways that will make them run 10 or 20 times faster than by relying on the CPU only.