Fukushima, Japan

My heart goes out to the Japanese who are bravely enduring a crisis of end times magnitude. I pray that this tragedy unravels with as few consequences and as little suffering and hardship as possible. I know that this has already reached Chernobyl proportions, even though there is a big media effort to obfuscate this. I admire the Japanese for their courage and resignation in the face of unspeakable tragedy. Forget the 9.0 and the tsunami, as the damage from these can be repaired in a matter of years, or perhaps months. The fallout from the nuclear incident, however, will plague the world for decades. Japan will not be able to grow food in the northern region, nor will the area be inhabitable. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself estimating the consequences, but we are facing a breakdown at 6 nuclear reactors. Chernobyl was one…

Hats off to the Fukushima 50

I want to tip my hat to the 200 workers who are sacrificing their lives to limit the extent of the tragedy. Better known as the Fukushima 50. I guess there is a rotation of 50 at a time, but really, it is a crew of 200 hundred brave souls. To allow them to perform this last act of devotion, the government doubled the legal radiation exposure limit for nuclear workers… Sounds like a suicide mission to me. In case you don’t know, the entire cleanup crew at Chernobyl, 300, has passed on. They all died before their time of various cancers.  Three quarters of them died within six months. The men at Fukushima know this, without a doubt. Their dedication is proof positive that Bushido is alive and well in Japan.

Further, the irony of what happened has not escaped me. As it turns out, the reactors at Fukushima were built by none other than General Electric. Americans sure love exporting radiation to Japan… And for decades we were the ones worried over things ‘made in Japan’.

The reactors... "made in USA"

Concern that radiation will affect the entire world is not unfounded. My personal experience with Chernobyl was real. Six months after the incident, my mother was treated for thyroid disease. Her doctor confessed that incidences of such ailments had drastically spiked and that there was no doubt that it was due to the cloud traveling across Europe.

To this day, she has to take medicine, and will continue to do so for the rest of her life. The cumulative effects of small doses of radiation are glossed over by the press entirely. Educate yourselves.

For your personal monitoring, you will find below a couple of links to meteorological sites that have satellite based jet stream forecasts. They can monitor different types of radiation and you can see where, and in what concentrations, these emissions are expected to be carried by the jet stream. Also, the last link is a Youtube clip that gives you a usage demo, in case it seems a bit confusing. These might come in handy.





UPDATE: If you, like me, have stopped believing the mainstream media, take a look at these blogosphere articles that provide empirical information on the levels of radiation found in California at the present.


Also, check out the EPA’s response. Downright disgusting.


And finally, there’s a GREAT update on zerohedge. They describe in detail the status of the situation, and have videos from experts. The first expert is an engineer who built nuclear reactor facilities and then you will see Greenpeace agents taking radiation measures in Fukushima. Bless their souls for bringing this information.


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