Momentous UN geoengeneering decision flies below news radar

By Raphael  10/30/10

Spraying Barium Oxide and Aluminum, Morgellons, etc...

Well I found this news piece on Rense, which usually aggregates fear mongering news. However this one was a ray of sunshine piercing through an otherwise gloomy sky of news. The UN has voted on a moratorium on geoengeneering until more conclusive studies can be made. Since the effects of such a practice might only fully manifest after decades, I think it will be a while before any such practices are allowed by the UN. This, of course, does not mean that self righteous factions will heed the UN decree, but it is hugely significant, in my opinion, in demonstrating that there isn’t a united front within the powers vying over world control, that there are conscientious leaders fighting the good fight, and that plans set in motion by the forces of evil are being called out. If you don’t understand what I am referring to, head on to the pieces below for some documented information on geoengineering. You must educate yourself on this topic, because it is a more pressing issue in our lives than health care or the economy. Its the very survival of the biosphere that is at stake. Anything in our lives comes in second place to this…

Naturally, this news hasn’t showed up on any mainstream media site. Only one Reuters wire prior to the vote, a week ago, then nothing. But the eco websites are all over it. Why? Because it is important and also a delicate topic. Its a defeat of sorts for the New World Order. Its a sign, to me, that the forces of good working relentlessly are gaining ground. From here on, chemtrail sprayers are criminals to the UN… It is my hope that a body of laws is being put in place, slowly, for upcoming prosecutions. We shall see…

Update: I just came across a posting of a list of patents pertaining to chemical processes and sprays. Very good research. You can find it here.

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