Yet another astronaut disclosing ET presence.

They are much closer than you think

This time it is a dapper, Yul Brynner-esque astronaut coming out. Dr Story Musgrave recounts sightings during his shuttle mission orbiting earth.

Personally, I give astronauts, military men and air traffic controllers a lot of credence when they share these stories of UFO sightings, ET interactions, etc… These are men that are picked for their seriousness and integrity to perform jobs that few people would be trusted with. They have sacrificed a lot in their lives to be entrusted with duties such as flying a space shuttle or securing nuclear missile bases. So when such men come out to confirm the reality of an ET presence around our solar system (and by that I mean other civilizations), I pay attention. I trust their integrity and cannot explain their behavior through anything else but a desire to expose the truth.

You may also want to head on to the Disclosure Project, to hear more accounts of such people. Decide for yourself whether you believe them or not.

Update: I just finished reading a post on David Wilcock’s site, Divine Cosmos… Not only has there been a wave of UFO sightings, but David reports there are about 12 different Hollywood projects coming out this season dealing with the topic of alien invasion… It seems a bit much to be a coincidence, no?


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  1. daddyo says:

    Can’t wait until NASA sends its new Mars rover…