Who is behind the Federal Reserve, Part 3


Its days are counted... Oh yes...

Senator Bernie Sanders recently fired a shot across the bow of the Federal Reserve, in a letter published on Huffington Post. His points brought a glimmer of hope in my heart, and they clearly identify the good Senator as a true public servant. Vermont can be proud to have him. I’ve been writing about the systemic corruption of the Federal Reserve for a while. In Part 1 of this epic, I provided a great source of information on the origins of the Federal Reserve, and argued that the best way to find who runs the Fed from behind the curtain is to audit the bugger and track down money flows… In Part 2, Senator Bernie Sanders’ outspoken stance on Federal Reserve disclosure had already caught my eye. Well, he’s at it again.

In his communiqué, Sen. Sanders conveys several important points that the average Joe should not miss, notably that:

– The management structure of the FED reveals a blatant conflict of interest, and I quote:

“The GAO found that at least 18 current and former Fed board members were affiliated with banks and companies that received emergency loans from the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis. In other words, the people “regulating” the banks were the exact same people who were being “regulated.””

No need to further explain why a government institution with control of YOUR MONEY would enact policies that divert these tax dollars into the pockets of private banking interests, i.e., their former bosses, their golfing buddies, etc… Shame on you, Federal Reserve. Shame on you… But no surprise.

– The policies implemented by the Fed have created a stratified government; where the wealthy, private interests are saved from their awful blunders using our tax dollars, while the ordinary tax payers are left to wallow in this economic depression. This is a great injustice perpetrated on American citizens by a wealthy, politically connected elite. Actually, it’s more like legalized theft, though, in legal terms, no such thing exists. Bravo to the guys who came up with this grand scam.

– Transparency and access to reliable information is paramount to even hope about re-structuring the agency so that it actually serves the public interest.

Let us hope that the few civil servants who are still fighting the tsunami of corruption in our governmental institutions will succeed. Hats off to you Bernie Sanders. Will this happen soon enough to save the dignity of this nation, or will the bankster vultures succeed in raiding what is left of the middle class’s wealth through continued dilution of our currency, and misappropriation of our tax Dollars?


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