It’s Easy to find out who is behind the Federal Reserve

Its days are counted... Oh yes...

Just follow the money. Follow the 1 something TRILLION Dollars that the Federal Reserve is about to issue in a second round of ‘quantitative easing’, a euphemism for sugar on the monetary shit sandwich that we’re eating right now.

When I say follow the money, I mean, take a look at the big banks’ current balance sheets, figure out which ones are the most in trouble, and see if they miraculously pull through after this cash injection. If they are in a much better position, on paper, 3 to 6 months from now, they are behind the Federal Reserve. The fiscal situation of the US banking system sucks so hard right now, that there would be no other means for banks to redress in the short term. At least that’s what I believe.

In case you still don’t get it, I must remind you that the federal Reserve is a PRIVATE institution, run by UNKNOWN private interests, and they are the ones who ‘lend’ money to the US. When I say lend, it is because whenever the US wants to print a Dollar, it has to issue a bond to the Federal Reserve, which in turns gives the US a dollar, made out of thin air. But this bond has interest, and to repay a dollar with interest, the US needs ANOTHER dollar. And thus the money supply must constantly increase, with debt, in order to keep positive ‘growth’…. This is a parasitic system that has bankrupt us, the American public.

So the burning question, the one that Ron Paul has been fighting to get an answer to: Who is behind the Fed? The corporation has never been audited and no one knows what its transactions are outside of US government dealings.

To continue my brief explanation: When the Federal Reserve issues said Dollars, they are deposited into the main banks’ vaults, which then are used, supposedly to finance our lives. In short, we borrow from the fed to create Dollars, that we’ll have to pay interest on through our INCOME TAX, those dollars are then handed to BANKS who LEND them to us AGAIN! Don’t even talk about fractional reserves… That’s the icing on the cake for banks. Does this piss anyone else off?

So follow the money. Obviously banks become recipients of privilege here, which means that the people behind the banks are the ones benefiting from such a setup. Well, it’s pretty obvious, at this point, given the sad balance sheets of most banks, that they are waiting for some cold hard cash to improve their liquidity situations… How this will revive the economy, you be the judge… The first trillion was labeled a ‘bank bailout’, if you recall, but banks didn’t really start lending subsequently, and a college moron with one accounting class under his belt can figure out that banks aren’t out of their holes yet.

Follow the money… Just take Bank of America, for instance. It bought Countrywide, the nation’s largest mortgage lender in 2008, when the latter was sinking at the onset of this mortgage crisis. It spent 4 bill on a bankrupt business… Now would you buy a bankrupt business loaded with ‘toxic’ assets, if there wasn’t an upside? The upside I’m referring to was the bank bailout.

BofA was probably made whole, through bailout funding, repurchase of toxic securities, etc… took a 4 billion ‘goodwill’ write off on its balance sheet. So it called the Countrywide deal a ‘goodwill’ purchase on the books, yet it discontinued the brand. As for being made whole, again the accounting can fuzz out some of the shenanigans, to some extent. That being said, none of it makes sense unless they knew they would get some bailout money (as planned by the FED) for that otherwise worthless acquisition. So is BofA behind the Federal Reserve and thus able to orchestrate the heist? If you are awake, you will wonder why even bother spending cash to buy a bad asset, only to be made whole through a bailout… Why not avoid the entire transaction? Well, I can only guess that the men behind BofA felt sorry for the shit sandwich the men behind Countrywide were about to eat, and so, as good buddies do, they worked something out. This is but one possible scenario.

Anyways, I’m just conjecturing, but it’s pretty simple really. Follow the money. You’ll find the gangsters where the money bags land.

Update: Just a day after writing this, I have found a fantastic book on the history of the Federal Reserve. Its more of a treatise on the connections between the banking dynasties, governments and war profiteering. It goes a long in explaining why we must always go into war during financial crises, and who is behind all this. And yes, it does say who is behind the Fed. It is so chock full of fascinating historical facts that you will undoubtedly learn a great deal. I spent three hours in one sitting, skipping lunch, because I could not put it down. I was appalled to learn how Germany was being financed by banks from, supposedly, the opposing camp, and the stratagems used to do this on the sly. This should be required college reading…


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