Unraveling the Federal Reserve: Update

Its days are counted... Oh yes...

Just a few days ago, the Federal Reserve was obligated to release detailed transactions of the bank bailouts conducted over the last year. It was done without fanfare or coverage from the mainstream media, probably because most people fall asleep at the prospect of poring over an excel spreadsheet, and there’s plenty of fear porn out there right now to provide for better stories.

Senator Sanders, however, did issue a press release. That’s because he was the man behind the push for public transparency. You can find the interesting transcript here.

Also, go here for access to the real data. If you can’t be bothered, I’ll share with you one of the juicy details. Foreign banks got hundreds of billions….That’s right, European banks. My hope is that by now, in your head, you are asking yourself why? Well the Fed’s argument was that it was to prevent a worldwide meltdown. Sounds reasonable enough, but US taxpayer money going into the coffers of PRIVATE FOREIGN banks?  In a previous article in which I speculated on the ownership of the Fed, which you can find here, I said that following the money trail would provide a great insight on who was behind the Fed… We can count on Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank as part owners of the Fed. They each got almost 300 billion of your Dollars.

I thought you’d like to know that.


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