Catherine Austin Fitts explains Wall Street Parasitism

Why should you love this woman? She is so brilliant, her intelligence alone should inspire you to be a better person. Also, she has had access to the highest echelons of power and yet seems uncorrupted. As if integrity wasn’t hard enough to find these days, Mrs Fitts can explain just about anything economic or political happening in this country in such a way that even someone with a high school education can understand. And that is the hallmark of true intelligence.

I stumbled upon this video interview; a must see in my opinion. Mrs Fitts argues the redundancy of Wall Street firms and how they have, by way of centralizing the flow of world capital through their channels, been bleeding us dry like ticks on a host. Actually, she uses another parasite as a metaphor, a very apt one, the tapeworm. Large banks are like tapeworms to our economy. They suck resources out but don’t create anything in return, other than amassing obscene amounts of wealth for partners. She argues there are much more efficient ways of allocating capital, and creating investment and growth opportunities for everyone, than to rely on large multinational financial institutions. At least for small business, methinks. I had read some of her work and seen her interviews before, but I fell in love with the tapeworm schtick. It completely validated my view of the parasitical nature of Wall Street and how New York was getting Karmic retribution in the form of a growing bed bug infestation. Well, among other things.

Anyways, the concept is not new, but I am delighted to find someone so close to the crown denouncing the usurious ways of the banking elite, and suggesting a much more grassroots approach to sharing and dispensing capital for productive ends. All of which was pointed out by a certain Karl Marx a while ago, in Das Kapital. And this is where we are, ironically. Shit is so bad for us with this sham ‘free market’ that an American with scruples is suggesting to toss in a little marxism in our way of doing business, in order to fix our problems. Of course Americans, being terrified by commies, will prefer the use of ‘grassroots’ instead of ‘Marxism’, but the essence is the same. Instead of sending your capital to a big bank that will do nothing for you, except engineer a market crash whereby your retirement savings vanish and they are made whole and have legally slurped your nest egg, lend the latter to your neighbor. Mrs Fitts seems to be working on ways to make this change happen in America. It is strange that she is still alive. I pray for her continued efforts to develop conscious finance and save us from the mess we got ourselves in.

You can find her papers and more of her work on her site, linked below.

This interview comes from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet site. All credits, copyrights, etc, belong to Prison Planet. I am only reposting so you don’t miss it! I strive for publishing original content, but this is something I want to share with everyone.



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